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Effective Advocacy In Louisville

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Ira M. Schechter, Attorney at Law: Passionate About Making A Difference

I’m Ira M. Schechter, and I can help you overcome the legal challenges that are dragging you down. As a Louisville criminal defense lawyer, I have spent more than three decades standing up for people in the Kentucky legal system. I also handle personal injury cases such as car wrecks. I provide contingency fee agreements in those cases. Put simply, I don’t get paid unless you get paid.

I truly care about my clients, and I am passionate about making a difference. My goal is to protect you and to obtain a good result for the present and the future.

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Giving A Voice To The Voiceless

Much of my work focuses on helping the underdogs. I frequently represent immigrants who are new to this country and unfamiliar with our legal system, which can be intimidating even for citizens who have been through the ropes. Because I speak Spanish, I am uniquely qualified to assist with the Hispanic community. My goal is for you to be comfortable communicating with me about all aspects of your case.

I’ve also devoted my time and energy to helping veterans who find themselves in trouble with the law. I believe that those who have sacrificed much to serve our country deserve to have a dedicated advocate to stand up for them.

I’ll Go The Extra Mile For You

When you work with me, you get me – not a paralegal or associate. I will work hard for you. I don’t cut corners because I know a lot is on the line for you, and I believe that everyone deserves an advocate who will go the extra mile for them.

You’ll find that I’m a good listener. You can be open with me about everything, and you can rely on me to protect your privacy and uphold the utmost confidentiality.

Get To Know Me During A Free Consultation

I invite you to reach out to me online or by phone at 502-234-2600 for a free consultation so we can get to know one another. I strive to work with everyone’s financial situation in criminal cases and automobile personal injury throughout Jefferson County.

Se habla español.